the project

"Competence-based Learning in the Workplace" is a collaborative development project between a number of private companies , Vocational Education and Training institutions, and research institutions in Denmark.

The focus of the project is the development of flexible ICT-based learning programmes for adults – learning programmes based on an evaluation of the existing competences of each employee and the need for further competence within the company as a whole.

The project involves testing five pilot projects in five companies in Denmark. Each pilot project includes the following activitites:

In order to be able to carry out these activities, the teachers from the five Danish VET institutions who participate in the project develop their own skills, competences and qualifications within three areas:

This is done through a process of action-learning while working on the pilot projects. In this project we expect to take full advantage of the flexibility of distance education, that is the asynchronism of time and space.

To inspire and support the efforts of the project group we plan to import experience and know-how from suppliers of distance education and flexible learning in e.g. EU, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. We are looking for partners in the development of new kinds of distance education products and for collaborative networks for new innovative development projects in general. We are also interested in licence contracts on products which may be used in Europe and worldwide.

Further information:
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