Project 1998-99

“Labour Market Surveillance and Lifelong Learning”

The Danish Network has taken up the challenge of further developing the links between labour market surveillance and training for adults. The links are understood as the communication between labour market systems and the training systems in the way of a series of questions:
  • What is the need for which kind of competences in the future?
  • How do we find out about it?
  • How do we implement it into our training programmes and thus into the labour force?

Two perspectives, which are important to the group, are firstly the process of lifelong learning, and secondly the distance learning market and its potential as a truly global market, potentially taking over the local markets for development of qualifications.

Coming from a Danish background:
  • in which there is consensus around the idea that skills must be updated and developed during the entire working life of a person
  • in which vocational training for adults is considered to be also a public responsibility
  • and in which the planning, development and adaptation of vocational training programmes take place in a close cooperation between the public authorities and the organizations of employers and organizations of employees

the Network would like to learn more about European, American and Asian different approaches and would like also to get the opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues.