iEBC works with Education, Business and Culture:

Project development and project management,
including fundraising
Project support and administration,
including EU-administration
Campaigns and creating attention
International projects

Project development and project management, including fundraising
From idea to development, from analysis to choice of strategy, from clarification of requirements to a clear focus, or...?
’Projects’ are carried out for organisations, companies, public administrations and offices. They can be specified, unfolded, expanded or cut into shape – a project is a timeframe around a process, leading to a result.
Such a process requires development and management, perhaps in combination with analysis and reports, or fundraising?
We can advise you on a project, or we can carry it out for you.

Project support and administration, including EU projects
iEBC has been involved in some of the biggest Social Fund Projects in Denmark and Europe. EU-funding is wellknown as one of the most difficult and detailed regulated funds. iEBC has thorough knowledge of EU funding regulations, EU administrative procedures and particular problem areas within any EU-regulated funding.
We can guide your administration through the administrative jungle, or we can handle the administration for you.

Campaigns and creating attention
For a number of years, iEBC has been working with general campaign management, especially within the area of LifeLong Learning, Adult- and supplementary training, and most often in cooperation with ’DR Aktualitet’, a branch of the Danish Broadcasting Company.
We have been involved in campaigns such as ’Klikstart’, ’Mission Integration’ and ’Arbejdsliv’, and we have travelled the length and breadth of the country in our own busses, packed with our own computers, stages, exhibitions, etc.
You can rent our gear and crew, or we can carry out your campaign for you, from A to Z. Read more...

International projects
iEBC has been involved in extensive European projects (ex.) concerning education and employment, and we have been a part of the transition projects in Eastern Europe.
We have done a lot of work in China, amongst others introducing the International Computer Driving License, Asian/Pascific Ltd. to China, and in 2008 we took the initiative of a substantial promotion of European Higher Education in India. Read more..