Since the mid 1990s iEBC employees have been involved in a number of projects*, functioning as project leaders, consultants, concept-developers, advisors, writers, lobbyists, etc.

MA in Lifelong Learning
Developing a LLL Framework in Serbia
India/Europe Cooperation projects
TV-projects: akademi
Undervisningsministeriets Landsdækkende Kompetencecenterprojekt
Mission Integration
MIL projektet
Adult Learners Week in Denmark
European Centre for Wild Salmon
Fjernundervisning og fleksibel læring
Kompetencebaseret Læring på Arbejdspladsen (KBL-projektet)
Kommunikation mellem Uddannelsesstederne og Arbejdsmarkedsovervågningen (KUA-projektet)
EU Jobrotation

*The projects have been carried out by us or within our framework. They are either completed or still in progress and they are either sold or continuously owned by us.
This presentation of the projects consists of web-links or other references to webpages where the projects are or have been presented publicly.
References to a limited amount of information may occur, either because the website in question is under construction, or because the owners in question do not wish to provide further information.